You Are Your Best Therapist

Why Buy What You Already Have?

imageThere’s an old Lancashire saying “There’s Nowt Stranger than Folk” and it’s true.  If we go to the fridge and there’s enough food, we don’t go and buy more.  If we’ve eaten a hearty meal, we don’t just eat another, so why do we spend vast amounts of money for someone to solve problems we already have the answers to? It’s a complex question, but often it’s more difficult to look internally than externally – why? Because looking inwardly can reveal things about us we’d rather not admit or face. We live and work on automatic pilot, often jeopardising our own health – anything but face our problems head on. Then when our body grinds to a halt & our mental health suffers, we seek out therapy. The mind is a powerful tool, when relaxed it can help us rationalise and make sense of things in a way we can’t do when it’s busy. This is why meditation is key to our mental & physical wellbeing.

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Is Forgiveness Necessary to Move On? What Do You Think?

Some would say Absolutely Not! images (1)Why should someone who did us harm be forgiven? What makes them worthy of forgiveness & why shouldn’t they pay? Then there’s the counter argument – Why Not Forgive? What good does it do holding onto pain & anger? Is there any real closure in taking revenge? Most importantly, does it change what happened? What are your thoughts on forgiveness? I’d love to hear your views.   Please Like Share & Comment!

Insomnia – 5 Biggest Mistakes & How You Can Conquer it!!

Are you struggling to sleep? Do you go to bed and find yourself completely wired? Here are 5 common mistakes!

1- Grabbing a Coffee: Coffee is top of the list of things NOT TO DO when managing stress related insomnia. Coffee increases adrenaline which in turn, speeds everything up making us more tense and wired.
2- Going online: If stress is affecting your sleep, the worst thing you can do is log on to social networking sites. More often than not you’ll get into chats that stimulate the mind. What you should be doing, is calming it.
3- Snacking: If stress is keeping you awake, late night snacking is the worst thing to do. Most food nowadays contain sugar which will provide energy as opposed to relaxing you. If the stress is through the day, snacking can become addictive hence piling on the pounds.
4- Getting stuck into office work: Often work related stress is the reason we can’t sleep. Although he working day is over, the mind needs to unwind. Picking up that work at night, will increase stress levels.
5- Switching on the TV: Pretty much like going on line, TV stimulates the mind. Most often when we turn on the TV, it’s to at home something we enjoy. Being in this zone, stimulates the pleasure centre part of the brain (the Amygdala) which releases seratonin . Seratonin is known as the body’s natural happy chemical – something you don’t need pumping around when you’re trying to sleep.

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4 Mindblowing Reasons to reasons to try Transcendental Meditation or TM in the New year.


1- Taken up Meditation to Deal With Stress? But Finding it Difficult to Focus on Your Practice?  TM is effortless. There’s absolutely nothing you need to do. No need to focus on different areas of the body, on the breath or even acknowledging thoughts. Transcendental meditation takes you above all of these things. If you struggle with meditation practice – try TM you’ll be amazed!
2- TM helps with traumatic memory, so if you’ve experienced trauma the last place you want to be is in the moment.
3- TM Calms the Mind. TM has a well-proven effect of letting your nervous system settle into a state of deep rest. This will automatically turn the notch down on your stress levels. Do you see now why TM is great for Westerners? Here, stress is the number one killer & the main reason people go off long term sick from work.
4- TM benefits the physical health. This is because the mind & body are interconnected. Evidence has shown that regular daily practice of TM for just 15 minutes ..
* Reduces stress and anxiety.
* Improves sleep.
* Allows greater sense of clarity and productivity.
* Lowers blood pressure.
* Enables a greater sense of calmness throughout the day.
* Reduces cortisol.
* Lowers risk of heart attack or stroke.
* Improves brain function and memory.

The Transcendental Meditation technique or TM is a form of silent mantra practice. It was developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi back in the 60s and is commonly connected with the Beatles but TM goes deeper than just its association. Using a mantra, & practiced for around 15 minutes twice per day while sitting with one’s eyes closed, TM can have amazing effects on the body.
There a have been over 340 studies published on TM which over the years has been incorporated into schools, universities, corporations, and prison programs in the United States, Latin America, Europe, and India.

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3 INCREDIBLY EASY TIPS – For Healthier Bowels!

Who loves a good Poo? Come on! You know you do.

But  who knew,  squatting when we do a number 2 is healthier than sitting on our lovely comfy toilet seat?   Evidence has shown, elevating the knees during our morning poo, helps the contents pass through much more easily.  Sitting creates a situation where we have to force things out. Of course this causes problems like piles (haemorrhoids) and  other physical health problems .   Here are MY TOP 3 TIPS for better bowel health –  Try them and if they work for you, please like – comment and share them around!

TIP 1 –  don’t hold it in! When you need to go to the loo, just go. Holding your poo inside will create a situation where it squashes together and becomes more solid, therefore making it more difficult to pass.

TIP 2 –  Put a small footstool under your feet when you sit on the loo, this makes your knees higher than your bum creating a situation where your rectum is straight. This helps things pass through a lot easier.

TIP 3 – Don’t get off the loo until your bowel feels completely empty.

imageHappy pooing!



We all get ill, it’s a natural part of  life. It goes hand in hand with the aging process too.  But alongside illness should come cure or at least alleviation from pain & discomfort. So why do we Westerners seem to be getting sicker? Evidence by the Department of Health states….

Stress is believed to account for over 30 per cent of sickness absence in the NHS, costing the service £300-400 million per year. The latest NHS annual survey found that 30 per cent of NHS staff reported that they had suffered from work related stress.

As a Traditional Indian Healer, I’m visited all the time by women with a range of stress related & physically debilitating illness.  Most have been medicated for years with little improvement. Here I’ve put together 5 IN YOUR FACE reasons why!

1- WORDING – Crazy as it might sound, the way we word things has a massive impact. I’ve got arthritis or “That’s it now! The doctor says I’m diabetic” The moment we begin

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