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Understanding Tibetan Buddhism – Online Course

Major changes in our economic climate, have seen Buddhism fast growing in the West. The workplace sees people running in circles, trying to meet unobtainable targets and deadlines but this takes its toll. Stress related illness is on the rise, so many Westerners are turning to Buddhism because it offers a different way of living peacefully with calmness of mind. This FREE online course will help you develop a deeper understanding of this fascinating way of life and religion. It will also help you understand why so many Westerners are choosing this path and its many fascinating practices.

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What’s in Your Heart? – The Power of Compassion

Cowshed As A Classroom & With Rs.800, He Started With 4 Students, Today He Teaches 500 Students for Free!


How often do we come across change makers who really want to bring a huge difference in the society? It is pretty evident there are only a few who foresee and get things done.Uttam Teron, an unsung personality from Pamohi, a tribal-dominated village in Guwahati, took upon himself to educate the illiterate and uneducated lot from the village. There is nothing you cannot achieve when you have oodles of passion for a particular thing. This worked in the case of Uttam Teron. Teaching was his call and henceforth, in the year 2003 he set-up Parijat Academy at a cowshed with a mere sum of Rs 800 and began with the first four children.

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Is Forgiveness Necessary to Create Happiness?

imagePicture yourself at the end of a quarrel or major dispute. Rather than reacting in your usual way with old patterns of anger, revenge, and hurt –  visualize offering kindness, love, and forgiveness.  It sounds like a tall order doesn’t it? So is forgiveness actually necessary at all to create happiness? What do you think?

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Tip 5 – Putting the colour into Menopausal Fatigue

image..Another weird symptom of the dreaded menopause is fatigue. One minute were planning a heavy night out with long lost friends and the next it’s cancelled for a night in with PJs and a cup of hot chocolate. Are you feeling me ladies? This one can feel debilitating but did you know, colour plays a major part in menopausal symptoms? It’s true! I’ve tried it and it works. If you find yourself in that mode where you can’t seem to get motivated, where you don’t just want an extra 10minutes under the duvet – you want another 3 hours, wear strong colours. Psychologically, colours like orange and reds put that energy and warmth back. If you’re not used to wearing such colours, start off with one garment or an accessory. You’ll be amazed how different you feel.
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