Mindfulness or Meditation – Would You Know the Difference?

Mindfulness – buzzword of the 21st Century. Maybe you’re an avid Mindfulness practitioner yourself? But if someone asked you the difference between Mindfulness & Meditation, would you know?

Don’t worry! Most people wouldn’t and this is why many people aren’t getting the most from their practice. Here you can find a short understandable explanation of the two and how they work…..


Meditation is all about letting go, just being and entering a deep restful state. When your mind & body has the peace it needs, it automatically know how to heal itself. This wonderful state of healing happens, when you access a state of consciousness different from waking, sleeping, or dreaming.
The benefits of entering this state:
We enable the right and left hemispheres of the brain to communicate, strengthening the corpus callosum which bridges the two. This allows us to come up with creative solutions even in “high-stress” situations.

Mindfulness however,  is a completely different practice.  In fact, mindfulness could be seen as the complete opposite of meditation. Mindfulness is  about complete non judgemental awareness of sensation and experience – being in the moment ‘as it is’ with complete vision. The brilliance of the two is they fit perfectly together, which sums up the very essence of Eastern Healing – treating the mind and body as a complete unit rather than 2 separate things.

Mindfulness & its place in Meditation Practice.

Focusing the mind before meditation is vital. Especially in the West, where most of us struggle with targets & deadlines at work, and family/personal issues at home. We can’t just wipe these worries away & so we need to refocus the mind before even thinking about meditation. This is where Mindfulness practice comes in. Paying attention to the pace, sound, sensation etc of the breath and being aware of this & any thoughts that enter our mind in a completely non-judgemental way.
Once we feel at ease, we then begin to enter a different state where we ‘just are’ it’s a state of complete rest for the mind and body which is meditation. Some call this Mindfulness Meditation.

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The FREE 1 Step Way to Get Well & Stay Well!!


via The FREE 1 Step Way to Get Well & Stay Well!!

We all  have our own unique ways of managing health. But what if there was a  COMPLETELY FREE 1 – step sure fire way with no side-effects? Would you take it?  You’re in luck! By reading my post, you’ve already got a head start on Getting Well & Staying Well.


The FREE 1 Step Way to Get Well & Stay Well!!

Are you sick & tired of being sick & tired? Reading this could literally save your life. Get well & stay well the eastern way!

You can apply these rules to pretty much every disease & sickness but for arguments sake, let’s start with acid in the throat. More irritating than serious and common in the West where we tend to eat on the go. Acid occurs with the accumulation of too much PITTA dosha or fire in the system. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of Dosha I’ll explain in more detail later.  Eastern healthcare or Ayurveda accepts there are 3 main Dosha, which keep us functioning on all levels as human beings. If these are neglected, they also contribute to 6 stages of disease progression or ‘SAMPRAPTI’


Symptom: Throat acid & the 6 stages of Disease Progression.

1- Accumulation

2- Aggravation

3- Spread




STAGE 1 : Accumulation Because we don’t give much thought to how throat acid manifests, we don’t do much about it. So it doesn’t take long to enter STAGE 2-

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Compassion – Is it Always Right?

Hi there readers! Today I found myself pondering on life once again and on one particular subject ‘COMPASSION’.


For some, showing compassion – no matter what the situation is ludicrous, ‘letting people off the hook’ so to speak. In today’s Western world, where crime appears to be on the rise, many feel a stronger justice system is needed rather than compassion.

What’s  your take on Compassion? Let’s have a conversation!



Don’t Fear the Reaper

For some, death is final. Others believe we have previously & will go on to live many lives – but what about you?


Death, dark & not to be spoken of in case we tempt fate. In the West, death is portrayed by the skeletal black hooded figure armed with scythe otherwise known as ‘the reaper.’  Is it any wonder many of us are terrified of dying? But why do we view death this way? And why is death feared in the West but embraced in many other cultures? What’s your take on death?

Do you believe death is the end? Or The beginning of a whole new chapter?


Are Trees Sentient?


Some people believe trees to be sentient beings. Like for example the beautiful old oak that’s stood for hundreds of years. What must those trees have seen? Certain religious groups use trees as energy points believing them to possess magical healing powers but what actually makes them sentient?  In Buddhism, sentient beings are beings with consciousness, sentience, or in some contexts life itself. Sentient beings are composed of the five aggregates, or skandhas: matter, sensation, perception, mental formations and consciousness. Trees according to Buddhism, are qualitatively different from humans and sentient nonhumans, in that they are certainly alive, but they don’t have interests or the ability to learn from experience.  A tree may react to sunlight, water, the changing seasons and other stimuli etc but that does not necessarily mean it’s sentient.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Let’s have a conversation! – Are trees sentient beings? If so why?



Who Am I Really

The short powerful & thought provoking piece you’re about to read, was taken from a book called ‘Thoughts on Life.’ It’s about situations that can happen to any one of us at any time – But this one’s specifically about you! Please share your thoughts….


You have recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness & given an estimated 3 months to live. In a very short time you will be confined to your bed as your body becomes too weak to walk.  The Job  you once did so well, from which you commanded such respect, is now no longer viable and  must be allocated to someone else, someone in good health.  That person will replace you in a team that became almost family to you over the years.  None of the beautiful clothes you’ve got hanging in the closet fit any longer, so most of them can be taken to a charity shop or homeless shelter for someone else to wear.  Staring longingly at those outfits, oh what you’d give for one last chance to party, to really let go.  The man/woman you once made passionate love with, that person who couldn’t take their eyes you, has now become your carer – feeding you, bathing you and seeing you in ways they never have before.  You know deep down, even though they swear they can’t live without you – they will.  When you’re gone, the love of your life will most likely meet someone else and life will carry on in the same crazy competitive way it does now.  Your kids will grow up and marry, and everything you own now, all your treasured possessions & photographs etc will belong to another person (a complete stranger) or simply be thrown in the trash – and you will be no more than a beautiful memory to everyone you knew – fading with time.

When everything that once defined you has been stripped away, as you lay there raw & vulnerable all that remains is the question – Who Am I Really?


Those Unexplainable Moments

Throughout our lives, we all experience things we simply can’t explain. Like thinking about someone only for them to call that very day. Or Visiting somewhere for the first time but knowing you’ve been before….


But where do these experiences come from? In Buddhism it’s believed they come from Karmic imprints. For example, from episodes of our past lives which we brought to this one along with our Subtle Consciousness. According to Buddhism, we have 2 main levels of consciousness concerned with rebirth. These are Gross Consciousness (The things we know in this life from experience. Our family, our job and where we live etc) Also our Subtle Consciousness – The things we learn but don’t actually experience. For example, we know India is a hot country – we may not have been to India but information, pictures, and people describe it so we form the picture. We know we feel happy when learning new languages because we’re good at it – not nescessarily because we like the language. When we’re reborn, Buddhists believe it’s the subtle consciousness we carry with us and we leave behind the gross consciousness.  But we aren’t all Buddhists! We all have these experiences and different viewpoints about why.

What strange experiences have you had? And how do you explain them?



Is Religion Necessary?

Some would argue, most wars have been triggered by religion. Others ask – why if there’s a God, do wars etc happen at all?


One thing’s for certain, in today’s dog eat dog society we need something to help bring our lives back into perspective – but is it religion? Are we capable of change without God? The Buddhist view, is that we humans are not only responsible for the state of the world, but also fully capable of putting it right.  Christians may argue we cannot do this without Gods help. What do you think?


A Vaccum Cleaner Called God

Please God help me! My life is hard and I can’t see a way forward. If you help me God, I promise to pray more.


Words I’m sure are familiar to almost every believer and non believer in God.  As a Buddhist, I don’t accept the God concept, but even I’ve begged for help in times where there’s seemed little hope.  Looking down from my 17th floor window I see road rage from people who feel it’s their ‘God Given’ right to get to work first. Horns beeping, sirens wailing, rushing to traffick accidents.  There’s news on the TV about a girl who left Britain at 15yrs to join ISIS and now wants to come back. The man who got stabbed whilst trying to rescue a stranger in trouble & the political war on Brexit.  So much for a single mind to cope with and its only 7am.  But tonight in the silence of darkness,   down on their knees begging God for forgiveness, to make the child they hit during a fit of road rage pull through. To show mercy on the Jihadi bride & to sort out the problems created by Brexit. They’ll all be there on their knees evading personal responsibility, expecting God to suck up all their problems and absolve them like a Dyson vacuum cleaner. But if their prayers aren’t answered, we all know who’s to blame don’t we?

So here’s today’s discussion thread… If there is indeed a God, why expect him to constantly clean up the carnage created by man/woman?